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15 March 2009 @ 11:14 am
Nails? OPI Designer Series Glamour:

This picture doesn't really do the colour justice!!! it's much more blue and holographic-y than it looks here!

Joules is coming to town!!! Yay!!!

When it does, I might try to get a job there, potentially??? I have a feeling it'd be more cool than work, you know?? Plus, Chrissi and Di were thinking of applying, as well. It'd be sweet!

Alright, one essay down, 2 to go!!!
Only 3,500 more words (due in tomorrow... ahhh!!!) for philosophy and IR, and I'm free for AGES!

p.s.- I'm in love with a boy!!! A lovely, proper british boy. Almost like having my very own Darcy, but much less broody and much more nice =]
life is stressy bessy with these essays, yet lovely because I have him.
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11 February 2009 @ 12:23 pm
hey hey!!!

so, I've decided to swap Psychology 2 for Philosophy:Society, Authority & Freedom.
wooo! two fabulous philosophy modules (the other is Reasoning and Knowledge) and one IR.
This semester is definitely shaping up to be a tough, yet fabulous one! Been to all of my classes, and they just seem so much more interesting than before, I think it'll be worth the extra workload.
I think this warrants a changing of my major to a dual degree (IR) with philosophy, I just heart it sooo much!!

and then... valentine's day this weekend!!! I thought that I wouldn't be able to go to the toga bop on friday, and then would have to spend the weekend freezing my arse off on a boat in glasgow, but apparently the loch has frozen over, and thus we might not be able to sail this weekend!! I'm praying that it stays frozen, but it's been so cold here it seems that there'll be little chance for it to thaw by the time we need to go sailing.

I'm quite excited about the big V-Day, even though I've been assured multiple times that it's just "not that big a deal" over here. It was ultimatum time, though, so I told my friends that they'd better get me cards, because I was getting them ones. Tough love, but someone has to do it!

la la la. got a new roommie. she's lovely, albeit from florida in americaland. ahhh, well, some things you just can't help, I suppose.

mmkay, might go grab some lunch or something. there's been SOMUCH dramarama recently amongst everyone, and last night was our first real night back and out, and there were a ridiculous amount of instances in which girls were crying, etc. Oi. drama queens, the lot of them! but anyway, it kept me up quite late, and I've already done my one class for the day, so off to get lunch and sleep I go!!! xx

also, my nails are 'Yoga-To Get This Blue'-

blahh, wish I could get my hands on the new South Beach 2009 OPI collection!!!! searched all over london for it the day it was released in the states, to no avail. must have to order it online, boo.
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19 January 2009 @ 09:49 am
oooooooh, god.
mmkay, so I DEFINITELY should have been keeping you guys posted with the crazy life events that come from going to this insane uni in scotland, but I haven't, so...
ahhh. I don't know where to begin. I ADORE my school to a point that borders on fanatical, spending most of my days rushing to tutorials/a brunch date/whatever social event, my feet grazing over cobblestones and my eyes focused on all of the super old gorgeous buildings, thinking to myself or saying to someone else: "this place is crazy. we go to SCHOOL here. we're never going to get this again ANYWHERE. we're soooo lucky, no other town has been, could be, or would ever be like this."
Seriously, it's called 'The Bubble' for a reason. we do absolutely everything in the name of charity, and yet what's going on in the real world doesn't really reach or influence us here. you'd never know that a recession was going on, real estate prices are consistently high (the highest in scotland), and the cost of everything is astronomical. and yet, here I now sit, a bottle of evian and a bottle of moet both taking up residence upon my desk.

we have numerous superfun traditions, maybe too many to even get into right now here, just look up the wikipedia article on my school, lol.
and everyone is really into traditional everything, from kiltgarb to dancing to formal dinner parties (even the guys...!). I dress up all of the time, have gone to a ridiculous number of balls (including one where the mandatory accessory was a pair of wellies), and seriously, it's just the perfect social scene for me. drinking is not, I repeat, not as sloppy as it is in the States, where everyone binges on natty ice (yurgh), plus it's legal!!!

so, anyway, I had my first finals at uni last week!!! all three, lol, but they count for like, 40-60% of my final grade, so they are quite hefty. For two out of the three, it was my first test ever in the class (I've had to write 2 essays for one class, two essays for another, and one lab report/psych quiz... in the entire time I've been here =]). and we're not tested on any of the subjects we've written essays on, lol.
the best part of this is, I need a 5/20 to pass (strive for a five!), and my first two years don't go into my cum GPA or show up at all on my transcript.
I think my easiest exam was Philosophy: Mind and Reality. you have 2 hours to answer 3 essay questions, and the topics were: Free Will, Objects and Properties, and God.
Psych and IR were both quite hard, I should've revised more for IR, but what can one do??? I hope I did alright!

luckily, I finished on Thursday afternoon and have not had to do anything but sleep/be a lazy bum/go out to the movies/shop/lunch/etc., you get the point (I even baked a chocolate cake last night with my best guy friend, lol).

anyway, we have a 2 1/2 week break, so my friend Di and I decided to reward ourselves for all of our hard revising by going somewhere. I originally wanted to maybe go to Vienna, and meet up eventually with my Aunt who is skiing near Saltzburg, but Di and I aren't really into the ski scene (all of our other friends are leaving to ski this week... either to Switzerland or France, it seems). Di wanted Venice, and although it's one of my favourite cities, I wanted to go someplace I've never been, like Milan, but Di has already been there. Plus, when I get my italian passport I might go to Italy with some friends to celebrate.

So, although Di has been to France, she's never been to Paris, and we're both Marie Antoinette nuts (Paris = SOCLOSE to Versailles!), and it's only an hour-long flight, so... we booked the tickets sunday, and we're off to Paris wednesday!!! Kind of whirlwind, right? Because neither of us speaks French or even has a clue how to get around Paris, but we're both intelligent and Di has lived like, 1,000 places (turkey, thailand, australia, hong kong, and england), so we'll figure it out, non??

I sure as hell hope so!!!

mmkay, so we're off to paris until next monday, and then I have about 3 days to chillax in town before I have to go to Southampton (tip of England... about a 12 hours drive from where I am in Scotland) for sailing for 2 days, and then I'm getting a ride to my friend's house in London, where I get to club/meet up with friends for a few days before I have to take the train back home!!!

so, quite an expensive break (but utterly, utterly worth it/what I needed to relax). should be super fab.
not sure what nail polish I should rock in Paris, Di's going with 'Eiffel for this Color':

Right now I'm rocking 'Django' by Chanel, a ballerina pink that's meant to be absolutely EVERYWHERE this spring (p.s.-what's up with nudes being awesome again? ...I'm not complaining!):

but I think for Paris I'm going to forego my OPIs in lieu of Chanel's 'Or De Russie':

it's slightly more gold in real life than in the pic, but it's a pretty, edgy colour. Of course I'll do a test drive before actually going, but I have a feeling it's the one.

so, I created a 'Leaving for Paris' playlist, and although it's super long and consists of mostly Rufus Wainwright/songs you've heard before/songs from 'Marie Antoinette'/randoms that I'm listening to now, here it is!:
Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier

Andrew Rodriguez - Birthday Girl

Aphex Twin - Jynweythek Ylow

The Bird and the Bee - Again and Again

Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy

Bow Wow Wow - Fools Rush In

The Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Sparkling Diamonds

Charles Trenet - Boum

Christina Aguilera - Lady Marmalade

David Bowie - Fashion

The Decemberists - The Infanta

Django Reinhardt - Montmartre

Dustin O'Halloran - Opus 17

Emilie-Claire Barlow - Les yeuz ouverts

Ewan McGregor &co. - El Tango de Roxanne

Feist - 1234

Fergie- Labels or Love

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

Francois-Paul Aiche & H. Scott Salinas - Mermaid

Gang of Four - Natural's Not In It

Goldfrapp - Oh La La

Hot Hot Heat - Ladies and Gentlemen

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Jacques Dutronc -Les Cactus

Jacques Dutronc - Fais pas ci, fais pa ca

Jacques Dutronc - Et moi, et moi, et moi

Jean-Yves Thibaudet - Suite Bergamasque

Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon

The Killers - When You Were Young

Kristy Maccoll - In these shoes

Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis - Just Dance

Led Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away

Lily Frost - The Two of Us

Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose

Maurice Chevalier - Valentine

MC Solaar - La Belle et Le Bad Boy

MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)

Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Lady Marmalade (Thunderpuss Radio Mix)

Mr. Hudson & Library - On the street where you live

Neko Case - At Last

New Order - Ceremony

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time

Paris Combo - Attraction

The Pierces - Boy In A Rock And Roll Band

The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Queen - Killer Queen

Rachel Portman - The Duchess

Radiohead - Talk Show Host

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge

Regina Spektor - Hotel Song

Regina Spektor - Ne Me Quitte Pas

Regina Spektor - Musicbox

Rufus Wainwright - April Fools

Rufus Wainwright - Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Reprise)

Rufus Wainwright - Complainte De La Butte

Rufus Wainwright - Leaving For Paris No. 2

Rufus Wainwright - Rebel Prince

Santogold - Les Artistes

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls

Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is A Winding Road

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Hong Hong Garden

Sporto Kantes - Whistle

The Strokes & Regina Spektor - Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men

The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

U2 - City of Blinding Lights

Vampire Weekend - A-Punk

The Veronicas - Untouched

The Virgins - One Week of Danger

Windsor for the Derby - The Melody of a Fallen Tree

Yael Naim - New Soul

mmkay, off to go back to sleep, it's raining today (raining on my brie!!! ...I put it in a bag outside my window, for dessert later, lol).
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28 September 2008 @ 08:42 pm
...And I need a little more, I think
Because enough is never quite enough
What's enough?
-'I Can Feel a Hot One' by Manchester Orchestra

oh. lord. how to describe university? you just... can't. I cannot express how MYSELF I finally feel! Like, clothing I would not dare to wear at home is cool, days require a minimum of 3 outfits (one for breakfast, one for day, and one for nightlife), and I go to parties and pubs with people who think little of dropping the equivalent of $50,000 for a high school education. People whose shirts have their names sewn into them, who live in castles or cool cities and have been and seen and done half the world within the short span of their gorgeous, young lives.

I just... FIT. I never felt right at school in America. Over the years, I've come to think of myself as weird, because a majority of people didn't appreciate my sarcasm or how I viewed life. yet at uni, everyone gets me. compared to them, I feel like an uncultured bum, but it's weird... I'm prettier or exotic or something here. I feel extraordinarily confident and wanted and loved. I've caught fresher's flu, and people have offered me soup, gone out and bought me meds and food and swaddled me in blankets and given me hugs. My good friends (all of you) would've at home, but the majority of bitches wouldn't give a damn.
My roommie is amazing, she's just a doll, and doesn't even mind when I stumble in at 4 in the morning and accidentally turn on the lights and wake her up. I like the late night thing, but that'll end with classes (barring weekends... although sunday day has been designated cleaning/fitness day by the roommie/myself).
Most people have been hanging out late, as well, and most of it is supplemented by a few drinks. Not that I've been drinking a lot, at all. Everyone here is very suave about drinking, nobody really overdoes it like sloppy americans do (well, maybe a couple of scots might... teehee). Drinking is just a facet of the culture, and people don't glance twice at you carrying a bottle of liquor down the street. The pubs are interesting, and the parties are just very cool and relaxed. No peer pressure involved, lmao, nothing like those movies. Just hanging out and hearing about everyone's lives.
The boys are very mature, they offer you their arms and use words like 'lovely.' Every adult kept effing barraging me in the US to be wary of boys, and I always have been, but they've all been gentlemanly so far. I won't let my guard down, but I wish I could just wave it in all of their faces.
I'm apparently adopting somewhat of an accent, because very few of my friends are American, and although I still sound American to most brits, a majority of americans don't believe I'm from philly. I'm not even trying to do it, really, but no worries, every time I speak to the fam via skype, the silly and somewhat uncouth american twang comes back. I always used to wonder what we must sound like to the brits, and now I think I have some idea.
I've gotten an academic father, Craig (who calls me his mafia daughter... he's from northern ireland, and a 7th year, and has had 32 "children" in all... I'm numero 6 this year) and a mum called Hannah, whom I chose (you choose your mum) from england, who sails and is very outgoing and cool. I joined sailing with a bunch of my friends a few days ago, and today joined loads of societies at the societies fayre. I've also gotten free ceilidh lessons (traditional scottish dances done at the balls) in which they treated us to free indian food at break time, as well as free ballroom lessons, and free cocktail parties in the common room. It's soooooo funny, b/c at home no boy would EVER go dancing, but here there are almost more boys than girls at the lessons!

I miss surprisingly little about home, maybe just some of the food (hall food has been rather awful, but every takeaway/smoothie/baked good bought outside of hall has been delicious) and my family (not very much yet). It's only been a week, though, so there hasn't been any time to miss anything. It seems as if I'm always rushing somewhere, and when I'm not, someone's popped by to drag me somewhere, or invite me somewhere. I'm meant to be at a bonfire on the beach now, actually, but as I said, I feel quite sick. As classes begin tomorrow, I figured I'd spend the night in.
I think the worst part is having everything cost double, it being a tad chilly (no rain yet, though!!!) and having to read military time (subtract 12!), lol, which isn't bad at all. Oh, also, apparently scottish banks are disgustingly secure, so I haven't been able to get my new blackberry, because I had to wait for the account to be set up, for the card to come in, and now, for my PIN number to be mailed!!! so being without a mobile has been a bit crippling.
Of course, all this has been said prior to actual classes beginning! They might be a bit of a bitch, but I'll be fine, I'm sure of it. I went to the taster lectures, and everything seems interesting and fabulous and gorgeous.
Alright, I have movies/books I want to read, and a body to unsicken (not a word).
I wish I could convey EVERYTHING to you guys, but you'll hear about it in 3 months when I'm back for the x-mas hols.
ciaociao, ta darlings, cheers =]
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But I couldn't understand what you told me as you ran away

So just lay your head down low,
Don't let anybody know
That it's hard to live, it's hard to live in the city
Yes it's hard to live, it's hard to live in the city
Albert Hammond Jr. - "Hard To Live In The City"

Things to Do:
1. Finish Graduation Thank Yous.
2. Move clothes into Guest Room in Futile Attempt at Packing.
3. Buy Coach Wellies.
4. Buy a Black Pea Coat of Some Sort (waterproof?).
5. Collect Various Assorted Suitcases Left at Shore House.
6. Sunning.
7. Go Get Shots.
8. Buy more cool tees.
9. Find some way to pack gigantic collection of nail polishes.
10. Learn how to use a MacBook.
11. Buy Bedding.
12. Buy new digital camera. Have decided Is necessary because my charger is broken/it's a shitty camera anyway. Plus have lost Software, and cannot upload it onto my Macbook.

my nails are currently rocking 'Lincoln Park at Midnight':

Lincoln Park:

Things I Currently Dislike:
1. My 18th birthday. I sat through everyone else's, who's going to sit through mine???
2. Every Mean Bus Driver That has Tried to Run Me Over/Driven Me. Stupid, Fucked-Up Bitter Old Creepsters.
3. Crossing Guards. Those snotty children You're Guarding? Yeah. They'll be the Corporate Execs firing you for someone Younger in a few Years.
4. Thank Yous. You gave me Money. You wrote me a Check in a card, and now I have to Write how much I love Money in a card back to you?
5. Menstrual Cycles. Fuck. You. I'm not presently Engaged with mine, but they suck anyway. As soon as I turn 18 might defy parents and get Birth Control to shut out that red bastard. Have sneaky feeling it will arrive as soon as my birthday/I have to get on a plane to Scotland. Fucking Fuck.

I wish I was ready to go to school! Mentally I totally am there, let's get a move on, etc., but still so much to do/buy!!!
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25 August 2008 @ 10:23 pm

EIGHT WEEKS!!!!! since I last updated. holy crikey bejesus criminey, that's a long time! an entire summer, to be precise, but since my summer happens to be a bit longer than most this year, I have time to write this.

In fact, I have actual FREE TIME now!!! My body can't get over it. 6:10 every morning, and my body is all: "Up! At 'EM! WooT! Let'S GO WoRK!" boo, you stupid whore, body.

that kind of reminds me of the song 'Wake Up' by the Ditty Bops, which I highly recommend, although it's so catchy, you run the risk of getting it stuck in your head =]

I feel like my summer has been a fairly successful one, certainly in the work-related area of my life. BLYC was cool, despite not being what I expected it to be (what EVER is???). I feel like I was challenged, but I passed the test. Also, the amount of private lessons has been incredibly cool, but probably only because I'm the sole female instructor. But that's not a bad thing, woot girl-powerrr! and co.

Basically, when it's not challenging it's super-easy-peasy, kind of akin to this:

...but with a lot more scrapes, bruises, and killer arm muscles/tan ;]

lord, I love "yachting," and am hell-bent on some sort of anchor necklace or something.
I did buy one from my new favorite surf shop/gallery, pine, along with shirts and sweatshirts that are super cool.

but it was only a small anchor, coexisting on a chain with an elephant and a feather, which I thought was metaphorically ironic and yet fitting, like,
the chain=my tie to sailing,
the anchor=sailing itself,
the elephant indicative of how I feel in light air, just hopelessly heavy and clumsy, and a feather how I feel in heavy air, too light for the boat, barely able to hold my weight, desperately attempting to make every pound count.

In love with anchors, although people shouldn't deserve to wear them until they've hauled up hundreds, as I have =p

(and yes, I am an elitist, who cares?)

Speaking of Marie Antoinette-related elitism, guess what Rosie-posie brought me back from Paris??? ...yeah, that's right, "macaron"s a la Ladurée!!!!

la-la-la, I do rather miss everyone. It's so weird that they're all off to college already, going on adventures and doing assignments and going to parties without me. Sort of sad, but in less than a month I'm going to be on another continent entirely, going to University and making my own adventures in Scotland!!! Crazy, right? That our lives will probably end up in totally different stratospheres?

Well, so, there's SOMUCH left to do!!!! like, shopping, shopping, shopping! Gah! I don't know how I'm going to do everything, honestly. I'm far too irresponsible. But, SOEXCITED for fall fashion, let me tell you.
Like, over-sized cardigans:

this one's gap, but they're EVERYWHERE this season.

I even own UGG cardy boots!!! :

A lot of proper brit-esque flannels, and SUPER cool-colored tights. Think Hue:

purple is also SOSOSO en Vogue. SO.

lol. all summer long I've been rocking the retro-fun-in-the-sun and the mod brights OPI collections, but as it's almost fall (okay, not really, but who cares?) I've been buying up the OPI La Collection de France. Perfect for my love of all things Marie Antoinette, non?
Right now, I'm currently wearing You Don't Know Jacques! :

looks horrific in this pic, but trust me, it's fabulous and muted and not muddy or poop-brown at all on!

Also have yet to try but have bought A Oui Bit of Red:

And my sister is rocking my Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not:

I love them all, quite frankly, and can't wait to keep adding on.
Apparently a big hit is Parlez-Vous OPI?:

Also, Sephora paired-up with OPI, and a big knock-out is Metro Chic:

looks a lot like Parlez-Vous OPI? in the pic, but in reality is a lot more dove gray, whereas PVOPI is more purpley!

ahaha, look through all of the sick-nasty names and colors, i'm lovin' it. it's very Sex and the City!

lastly on the nail scene, my newest fav polish ever is My Private Jet:

it's not new, but I was a recently received a pedi with this one, and it's so fabulous I ordered it from the local beauty supply store.
(ps, none of the pics above are mine, lol.)

oh, another new fave of mine is the movie 'Charlie Bartlett'

anton yelchin = so hott. really.

been watching Project Runway and Shear Genius recently, but really can't wait for Gossip Girls Season Dos!!!!!

mmkay, I'm tired, private lessons/driving home tomorrow to face down yet MORE time with my increasingly unbearable mother. gah.

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29 June 2008 @ 11:29 am

...back of my neck gettin' dirty and gritty

well, first I had to complete my sailing instructor Level One Course ma-bob, at Avalon YC. It was pretty intense, like a 40-hour test spaced out over 4 days.

I mean, it was a biotch, but my dad's friends were SUPER nice and let me stay at their house, scant blocks away from the yacht club. definitely much nicer than having to commute an hour and a half every morning like everyone else!!!

I passed (just barely), and despite the fact that my motor-boating skills are somewhat subpar, I'm an officially official instructor now.

so now my days are spent teaching and such, and hanging out down the shore (with very little internet connection and DirectTV, which means NO BRAVO, BBCAMERICA, STYLE, MTV, VH1, DISCOVERYHEALTH, ABCFAMILY, etc., etc., etc., because DirectTV is a piece of shit, albeit cheap...) and chilling out.

I'm an entirely different shade of brown, with a massive racoon-eyed sunglass tan, but I like my job/co-workers, and so hopefully this summer will rock on!

oh, and my nails are rocking 'Mod-ern Girl' from the OPI Mod collection:

and on friday, we painted some yc kid's nails to match the yc colors, with:
'Brights Power'


'Dating a Royal'

ciao, write more when I have a stable internet connection!
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no, really.

my nail polish is chipping, and it's a testament to my sad, pathetic half-life that I've not been too busy to notice, yet can't possibly bring myself to fix it.
the current chipped polish is Calendar Girl, btw, from the
'Retro Fun in the Sun' collection:

and like. yeah. I've been looking fabulous lately, HONESTLY. REALLY. and no one cares, and there's no one I would care about who cares that's around to care. if you can follow that one. it's just terrible, people.

everyone's either left or leaving, off to go somewhere like the bahamas or ohio or maryland or wherever. and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (barring the odd soph or junior or college boy who is weird and whom I would rather not associate) is too BUSY for me! and I know it sounds whiny and stupid, but it really is quite crushing and dire and the utmost tradgedy.

like, there are grad parties on the weekends, and Rosie and I did have an adventure (in which I've made the decision that Princeton really is quite shit, and that Coach shoes really do absolutely tear up your feet if you wear them for more than 15 minutes of walking) yesterday morning.
but the majority of my days have been spent in solitary confinement, and it's been KILLING me. some people like to be alone, I guess. and I do, upon occasion, but not ALL the BLOODY time!!!!!!!!!

ugh. I just organized my phone. ... I mean. That alone should tell you how awful this is.

the bright spot in my day came in the arrival of a package chock-full of the new
Bare Escentuals make-up. but even that's somewhat tainted, because who will care if I wear make-up or not???
so, I've been just drudging about, watching Sex and the City and reading books like 'Bergdorf Blondes' and doing little of any substance ever. I'm supposed to be studying for stupid sailing Level Ones, but eh. whatever. I will deal with that when I feel like it, and same goes for all of the thank-you notes I have yet to write.

mmkay, enough being totally pathetic. off to buy margarita mix, sans make-up, and wearing something that probably came from, say, hollister.

...and don’t get me wrong, dear, in general I’m doing quite fine
it’s just when it’s summer in the city, and you’re so long gone from the city
I start to miss you, baby, sometimes
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Current Music: Regina Spektor - Summer in the City
"Welcome to the real world", she said to me
Take a seat
Take your life
Plot it out in black and white
Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve...

Already know.
Yeah, you already know
How this will end.

do we? the night before commencement, and I still think that maybe all of this is some sick joke, that we'll get there tomorrow only to find the nuns cackling that they were "kidding." I'm not one to wax nostalgic, as high school is nowhere near what it's been cracked up to be, but it's odd to think that we'll never all be together again.

we're blowing the proverbial popsicle stand, we're over and out. we've "just found out there's no such thing as the real world, just a lie we've got to rise above." not only is school going to be out for the summer, high school will be out FOREVER. I mean, I regard my time at school as having been fairly successful. I was in about 16 clubs, made some amazing friends, bullshit up and down and around teachers, got fairly fabulous grades.
last night at the senior sleepover, though (which was a great success. It was basically what crappy KAIROS SHOULD have been. all of the poop and bitching and hating we've built up over the past few months was gone, and we just had silly fun enjoying eachother's company) I just wished that it hadn't been necessary to work hard, to stress. I mean, I'm going to be realistic. I couldn'tve accomplished anything without both working and worrying, quite honestly. But as I looked around at the 123 girls, I got the distinct impression that I didn't know any of them as well as I should have after spending four years with them, and that's a shame.
It's too late, now, we're gone, we'll all be off and scattered, and some of us will be fabulous and successful. but that's in the future, we just have to get through the end to reach the beginning, namely, tomorrow.

Modern Traditional; DESCRIBED AS: "REVERSE SADDLE! Very common in the 30s, rarely seen today."
...especially at Nazareth, now that they've been faded out, and we're GONE.
we were the final class of girls to don those shoes!!!

"I like to remember everything. As it was. Because moments by themselves aren't enough; they're just -- they're like photographs. They move a little, they wave, but they aren't everything. You can look back on a moment and say 'In that moment I was happy' or, more often than not, 'In that moment I was uncomfortable' or 'In that moment I was sad' or 'In that moment we were all berks' but you can look back on everything and you think, 'That was good.' Because when all the moments come together, when all the songs meet up with one another, you get something whole and complete and wonderful, people you loved and people you hated and a fondness for them you may not be able to recapture but everything you remember about them being somehow more than they really were, because that's what remembering everything does."
-SBP, Part 11

"The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse."
-E. Koch

"At commencement you wear your square-shaped mortarboards. My hope is that from time to time you will let your minds be bold and wear sombreros."
-P. Freund

"Right, well. I suppose we should get on with it. 'It' being our last hurrah, our final frolic, and so on."
-SBP, Part 24

So, Congratulations to us, the Class of 2008!!!!!!

...we made it =]

...They love to tell you
Stay inside the lines
But something's better
On the other side

I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the
Top of my lungs
I just found out there's no such thing as the real world
just a lie you've got to rise above

p.s.- my nail polish = Alpine Snow, to match all the white, aka: white gloves, white dresses, white cap and gown, white shoes =]

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13 May 2008 @ 11:28 pm

last ap EVER today.
psychology kicked my sassafras.

but, I am done for today, and there is hope for tomorrow.
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